Bring the best financial platform solution to your customers with the KOMOJU Partner Program.

Join the new Partner Program and help your clients grow their business in Japan. For more information about the newly launched program, please contact us from below.

Help your clients join the 10,000+ global businesses using KOMOJU to grow

Build & integrate

Grow together with clients through the KOMOJU Partner Program

Integrate KOMOJU into your client’s website with various ways such as API connections, and e-commerce platform integrations. For more details about the program, please contact us below.

Set your clients up with a PSP that helps them go global

Whether they’re a new store, a growing brand, or an e-commerce giant, our platform helps your clients sell to customers all over the world in their local currency.

Set them up with flexible, global payment solutions

KOMOJU integrates with all major site-builders and custom builds and lets your clients accept 100+ payment methods from all over the globe.

Build custom
payment experiences

Design payment flows that boost your clients’ checkout rates with KOMOJU’s simple, easy API.

Give your clients safe, secure payments

Leverage KOMOJU's hosted page for a hassle-free, secure payment gateway. Enhance user trust and streamline transactions effortlessly.

Supercharge your clients’
e-commerce stores with KOMOJU

50+ payment methods

Kickstart their global domination

Level-up your client's platform to effortlessly accept a wide range of local and global payment methods. And the best part? Zero upfront or fixed fees. Streamline their operations and yours, managing all sales proceeds from a single, developer-friendly dashboard.

Payment flow

Boost client sales with optimized checkouts

Upgrade your client's checkout experience with KOMOJU's seamless payment flow. By integrating the diverse payment options KOMOJU offers, you'll not only enhance user experience but drastically reduce cart abandonments.

Faster deposit cycles

Accelerate your client's cash flow

Boost your client's business with KOMOJU's rapid deposit cycles. Whether they prefer weekly or monthly deposits, offer them a tailored solution at zero additional cost, ensuring their revenue is always within reach.

Help your clients sell to customers around the world

Easy integration

Tailor integrations to every client need

Whether you’re building on Shopify, Wix or creating an entirely custom store, KOMOJU’s flexible and adaptable payment solution makes it easy for your customers to accept global payments and get paid out in their local currency.

Multilingual support

Give your clients unparalleled support

With KOMOJU, your clients are never alone. Our dedicated support team is on standby to tackle any payment queries. And for larger enterprises, our expert developers are ready to assist, ensuring a seamless payments every time.

Help your clients join 10,000+ stores boosting their sales with KOMOJU

Give your clients access to one of the fastest growing payment platforms that’s already being used by thousands of brands worldwide including allbirds, Steam, Orion, Francfranc and more.


Ready for an easier, headache-free way to pay your team?

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