Payment Methods

KOMOJU supports all major payment methods popular in Japan, South Korea, China and Europe


Japan is the fourth largest ecommerce market in the world, largely dominated by cash payments.

Offering convenience store and smartphone payments and other alternative payment methods together with credit cards will significantly increase purchase rate in this market.

Carrier Billing


Digital Wallets


South Korea is Asia’s third largest ecommerce market after China and Japan. South Korea has the largest credit card penetration in the world, however, in the past years, digital wallets have significantly grown in popularity as a fast and secure online payment method

Digital Wallets


China is the biggest ecommerce market in the world with online sales outperforming in-store sales year on year.

Chinese customers love to shop cross-border, and expect to pay with their local payment method. With KOMOJU you can provide the 3 most popular payment methods in China on your store.


The European ecommerce market is growing exponentially every year, with 25.5% of all online sales being cross-border. Despite the popularity of cross-border shopping, customers in each European country prefer to pay with their local payment method.

KOMOJU provides all popular local payment methods in Europe.

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