Accept Japanese
Payment Methods

Open your store to Japan, the world’s fourth largest ecommerce market.

Japan remains a largely cash-based market, where convenience store payments are hugely popular for making online purchases. Credit cards are still the most used payment method, however, customers are very careful with trusting their card information online and might prefer an alternative payment method if it is provided.

On top of that, QR code apps that let customers collect rewards for shopping offline and online have been growing exponentially recently, and are a preferred payment method among the younger, digitally savvy audience.

With KOMOJU, you can ensure that most of the visits to your website end in a successful purchase.

Local and International
Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are used for almost 80% of sales in Japan. With KOMOJU, you can benefit from our in-house fraud prevention system as well as providing your customers with a safe and secure checkout.

Credit Cards

KOMOJU supports all major credit card brands – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.

We work with the local banks and acquirers to provide a seamless payment experience for your clients.

3.6% ~ 3.85%

store payments

Konbini (convenience store) is the second largest payment method in Japan and a must-have payment method for your online store. Allow the customers who can’t or don’t want to use a credit card to pay safely at the convenience store and open your online shop to a larger demographic.


Smartphone payments have recently been exponentially growing in popularity. It is an easy way for consumers to make payments online by scanning a QR code with their phone camera, or by using their mobile phone app. Smartphone payments are loved by the younger, digitally savvy demographic.

In an attempt to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, the 3 major QR code payment brands – PayPay, LINE Pay and Merpay – offer various rewards for making purchases through their app.

Bank and ATM

Almost all shoppers in Japan have a bank account. Allow your customers to pay via bank transfer or Pay-Easy online banking option. Even customers whose bank doesn’t allow online shopping can pay for their purchases through an ATM with Pay-Easy.


Carrier billing allows customers of the 3 most popular carrier brands – NTT Docomo, SoftBank and au – to pay online with the amount charged to their monthly carrier bill.

This payment method makes purchases instant, as the customers can verify their purchases using their PIN without having to enter their credit cards details.


Prepaid wallets can be purchased at the majority of convenience stores as cards or as electronic money on wallet websites.

They are used as a safe payment method by a wide demographic, especially to pay for digital content and games.


Accept European payment methods without any third-party integrations. Start immediately with the KOMOJU API or with our extensive integrations with platforms.


Global payment methods

Accept all payment methods wherever your customers are.

Straighforward fees

We don’t charge sign up or monthly fees - you only pay transaction fees.

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Sign up from our website in 3 simple steps. No need to wait for a call from an agent!

Fast approval

Receive feedback on your application in 2-3 business days and be up and running within 2 weeks, not months!

Modern UX/UI

Our design makes it easy for your customers to navigate the payment screen for higher conversions.

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