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Rakuten Pay

Join 5M merchants accepting Rakuten Pay today with KOMOJU. This payment method is widely popular among the 100M members of Rakuten ID, as it makes transactions simple and rewards users with points that can be used across all Rakuten services.

Very popular in Japan

Rakuten Pay has over 5 million payment points and is popular among Rakuten ID’s 100M users in Japan making it an ideal entry point for the Japanese Market.

Reward your customers

Give customers the chance to earn loyalty points with every Rakuten Pay transaction.

High brand recognition

Adding a payment method issued by one of the biggest companies in Japan – Rakuten – will promote trust in your business.

Make your business Rakuten ready today

With just a few clicks, you can easily integrate Rakuten Pay into your website so that you can focus on the important stuff, like running your business.

What you need to know

Processing Currencies

Processing Currencies represents the different currencies that this payment method supports for processing the transaction.

Target Group
Settlement Currencies

Settlement currency represents the different currencies when merchants get the payout from KOMOJU

Partial Refunds
Multiple Partial Refunds
Recurring Transactions
Merchant entity restriction
Japan only

Key information

Payment Type
Digital Wallet
Market Reach
Payout Cycle
Weekly or Monthly
Supported integrations
Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce, Magento, Hosted Page, API






Rakuten ID users


Open your business to Rakuten’s 100M+ users who can get rewarded for buying your products.

Accept payments from anywhere.

Supercharge your business by giving your customers the freedom to choose how they pay, wherever they are in the world.

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Grow your business on autopilot.

KOMOJU is your stress-free gateway to customers, opportunities and payments from all around the globe.

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