Accept South Korean
Payment Methods

Tap into the South Korean market with our innovative Korean payment services. KOMOJU provides your business with the most popular and influential payment methods in Korea.

Consumers in South Korea enjoy shopping online, and digital payments have a deep market penetration.

Expand your customer base by offering Korea-specific payment methods, such as gift certificate payment, career billing and smartphone payment.

Local and International
Credit Cards

In South Korea, there are two types of credit cards: local and international.

By offering credit card payments through KOMOJU, you can accept all local credit cards and significantly increase your authorization rate for South Korean consumers.


Digital wallets have significantly grown in popularity among Korean consumers in recent years. With KOMOJU, you can accept Toss and Payco, the most popular digital wallets in Korea on your online store.

Customers can easily pay with their smartphone and get rewards as they shop!


South Korea is known as the “Gift Certificate Capital of the World” due to the number of different types of gift certificates issued and used there every year. 

Customers can purchase a paper or digital certificate, charge them to their account and make payments online with just their ID and a password.

The ease of use makes it one of the most popular payment methods among young people.


South Korea has the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world, with almost 100% of the population using a smartphone. In recent years, due to the growth of e-Commerce, phone carrier companies have raised their payment limits, and the number of users is expected to increase further due to its convenience.

With KOMOJU you can accept payments made through all major South Korean carriers.

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