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Start selling to all 10 states in the $109B Asean market with just a few clicks.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is one of the fastest-growing e-comm markets in the world with a CAGR of over 11% and a predicted penetration rate of 69% by 2027. With KOMOJU, you can start accepting a huge range of popular ASEAN payments and expand into 10 new states.

Take your business to the next level by offering payment terms in popular Association of Southeast Asian Nations payment methods.

Potential customers
Expected growth

Take your business to the next level by offering payment terms in popular Association of Southeast Asian Nations payment methods.

Potential customers
Expected growth

Your key to unlocking the South-East Asian market

By 2027, the ASEAN e-commerce market will have nearly half a billion regular customers using payments like DOKU, OVO and Dragonpay to shop online. With KOMOJU, you can add those to your checkout and expand into 10 new markets without breaking a sweat.

Let your customers pay with all of ASEAN’s most popular payment methods

Digital wallets and bank transfers are popular payment methods in the ASEAN market. Give your customers the choice to pay how they want, boost your revenue and gain access to some of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce markets (including Singapore, Indonesia and the Phillipines) with KOMOJU.

Doku is one of the leading payment solutions in Indonesia that allows for easy online transactions for over 60 million users. It offers a range of payment options including bank transfers and e-wallets and ensures a seamless payment experience.

Rate:2.5% + 6500 IDR

OVO is a leading e-wallet in Indonesia that simplifies online payments for 110M+ users across 300 cities. In a nation where almost 30% of consumers lean on e-wallets for online purchases, it offers a secure and straightforward payment experience.


Dragonpay’s mission is to provide Filipino consumers and businesses with a secure digital-payment channel that doesn’t require a credit card. Consumers can make purchases online and pay with cash at over 4,000 bank branches, ATMs, and stores or via bank transfer.


GrabPay is a popular payment solution in Singapore that enables online transactions for its 4 million users. Offering a range of services and payment options through its app, it ensures a seamless payment experience across a network of over 4,000 merchants in diverse sectors.


FPX is a widely-used online banking payment solution in Malaysia, allowing for straightforward transactions through 18 major local banks. It offers consumers the ease of selecting their preferred bank and making an instant transfer.

Rate:2.5% + 1 MYR

DANA is a popular digital wallet in Indonesia that lets over 85 million users make secure, cashless, and cardless payments both in-person and online. With DANA’s all-in-one app, customers can enjoy a smooth and reliable payment experience across numerous platforms.



GCash is a leading digital wallet in the Philippines that allows over 55 million users to make secure payments with ease. The all-in-one payment app allows users to make online and in-store payments safely and securely.


Touch ‘n Go eWallet, a popular digital wallet in Malaysia, gives over 17 million users a secure method for online and in-store payments. The wallet allows users to use a variety of payment methods, ensuring a smooth experience. 


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No signup or monthly fees.

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The KOMOJU checkout has been built with the highest security standards, in compliance with PCI-DSS and with an in-house machine learning system to help protect you against fraud.

Accept ASEAN payments

Add the most popular ASEAN payment methods to your checkout with ease.

Give your customers the freedom to pay however they want to.
  • Help your business achieve its full potential byletting your customers pay however suits them, from konbini to crypto.

Join the 10,000+ global businesses using KOMOJU to grow.

Meet KOMOJU, your entry into the $109B ASEAN e-commerce market

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We’re here to help you grow your business, not charge monthly subscription models or hit you with hidden fees. That’s why you’ll only ever pay a fee to us when you get paid. The rest of the time, KOMOJU is completely free.

Get paid every week

No more waiting months to use your money. With KOMOJU, you’ll get bi-weekly payouts sent directly to your bank account so you can continue to invest in your business.

Open up a new world of payments

From letting your customers pay at a konbini to accepting payments in different currencies, KOMOJU is the only payment provider that lets you give your customers the freedom to pay however they choose.

Start accepting payments fast

No complicated onboarding. No coding headaches. Just enter your details, click a few buttons and you’ll be ready to grow your business and accept payments from around the world in no time at all.

Grow your customer base

Because KOMOJU is always expanding and moving into new regions, you’ll have access to previously untapped demographics and regions that can help you expand your customer base and grow your bottom line.

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