Credit Card


JCB is the most popular credit card in Japan, with millions of cardholders using it every day. Boost your sales, attract new customers and grow your business by accepting JCB.

Expand your global reach

Broaden your international presence by accepting JCB, which is available in 24 countries and territories worldwide.

Drive your sales

Boost your sales and gain access to higher average transaction values through JCB’s loyal customer base.

Safe, protected payments

Provide your customers with complete security when they shop with JCB’s advanced protection systems.

Start accepting JCB today

In a few clicks, you can set up your KOMOJU integration to handle everything from reconcilliation to settlement and processing, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

What you need to know

Processing Currencies

Processing Currencies represents the different currencies that this payment method supports for processing the transaction.

Target Group
Consumer & Business
Settlement Currencies

Settlement currency represents the different currencies when merchants get the payout from KOMOJU

Partial Refunds
Multiple Partial Refunds
3D Secure
Recurring Transactions
Merchant entity restriction
Japan only

Key information

Payment Type
Credit Card
Market Reach
Payout Cycle
Weekly or Monthly
Supported integrations
Ecommerce Platform including Shopify, Hosted Page, API






If there is a special agreement, such agreement shall take precedence.

Market Cap


Enhance your customer base by integrating with JCB and tap into a market worth $170.3 billion.

Accept payments from anywhere.

Supercharge your business by giving your customers the freedom to choose how they pay, wherever they are in the world.

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Get started for free

Grow your business on autopilot.

KOMOJU is your stress-free gateway to customers, opportunities and payments from all around the globe.

Only pay the processing fees per transaction.
Avoid sign up fees, monthly fees and hidden fees with KOMOJU.

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