How to change the payment expiry date for Konbini?

 You can change the number of days before a Konbini payment expires to any value from 1 to 59 days. The default setting is “3 days”.

*The change will only apply to the new order created after the change. For order created before the change, the expiry date will remain the same.

1. Sign in to Komoju and click “Settings”.

2. Click “Edit”.

3. Change the number in the “Expiry days” field under “Payment Method(s)” to a different value.

4. Click “Update Merchant”.

*What does the “Expiry days” setting do for Konbini Payment.

The expiry date is the period of time effective for the provided order number to be available for payment.

The number set in this setting is the number of date that the payment will be accepted through the convenience store (Konbini).

After passing 23:59:59 of the selected time period, the provided order number will be voided. The status in KOMOJU will be changed to Expired.

Expired order will not be available to complete the payment after this.

*Send a reminder email before the expiry date

By enabling the email notification, KOMOJU can send a payment reminder email one day before the expiry date to the customer.

To enable this setting, okease check this page for more details.

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