Digital Payment Platform KOMOJU Upgrades Payment Methods on Shopify

TOKYO – DEGICA, developer of the digital payment platform KOMOJU, will upgrade the user interface for payment methods on Shopify starting July 11th, 2023. The customers can now complete their purchase order directly on the home screen without being redirected to external credit card pages. KOMOJU will support a universal UX for all payment methods accessible to Shopify users.

With this update, KOMOJU takes full advantage of the Shopify Payments API. This integrated direct checkout payment system will allow customers to smoothly place orders without the hassle of being diverted to an external site. Shopify merchants who use KOMOJU will be able to reduce the risk of “shopping cart abandonment” and improve their conversion rates.

KOMOJU is equipped with “3D Secure 2.0”, a highly safe payment system that reduces the risk of credit card fraud, at no additional cost to the merchant.

KOMOJU improves payment convenience on Shopify

Customers who purchase items on e-commerce sites are often dissatisfied with the length of time it takes to complete payment through redirects and other means, as well as the complexity of the external credit card input process. Due to these frustrations, many customers will cancel their shopping cart during the payment process, despite their desire to purchase a product. This caused many dissatisfied merchants to ask for a smoother payment system. In response to this, KOMOJU implemented this significant upgrade in order to improve customer convenience and help Shopify merchants increase their sales.

With this update, customers can now enter their credit card information directly on the KOMOJU interface within Shopify’s checkout system.

KOMOJU continues to support the expansion of global merchants’ business in Japan with its ability to handle a wide array of payment methods by providing a smoother user experience.

Shopify Japan comments

“Shopify aims to help businesses implement a better shopping experience for customers, and with our partners we are constantly improving our products and services,” said Makoto Tahara, Country Manager of Shopify Japan.

“Through this KOMOJU update, the financial payment process will be simpler, and will help our company’s mission “make commerce better for everyone.” We expect that the further improvement on the payment experience will continue to drive and contribute to Shopify merchants’ success.”

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The Advantages of KOMOJU

A digital payment platform, KOMOJU is used by many online retailers to introduce a multitude of payment methods (credit cards, convenience stores, smartphone payments, Pay-Easy, bank transfers, and other digital payments to a large number of merchants operating e-commerce sites. With transparent pricing and no signup or monthly fees, KOMOJU offers users simple integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Wix and Shopify, and is used by many businesses both domestically and internationally due to its simple fee structure and implementation methods.

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