Digital payment platform KOMOJU launches WeChat Pay compatibility to over 1.3 billion users

TOKYO – DEGICA, developer of the digital payment platform KOMOJU, announces that WeChat Pay will be seamlessly integrated into the payment systems of its partners. These include retailers that use Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Cafe24, Prestashop, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, who will now be able to expand their business channels into the Chinese market.

“We were asking for WeChat Pay as a payment option because we wanted to do inbound sales from China in our e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores,” one retailer said.

WeChat Pay is the most widely used smartphone payment method among Chinese speakers. Through KOMOJU, WeChat Pay users can easily purchase Japanese products and transfer money to other users. KOMOJU already offers Alipay and is expected to become an indispensable digital payment platform for retailers who wish to further enhance their sales opportunities in the Chinese market.

“The KOMOJU team has been very responsible and supportive throughout the entire integration process,” said a representative from Galvan London, a luxury dress brand based in London.

“The key to our strategy is expanding into new markets with a focus on China. By offering WeChat and Alipay as payment methods, we are confident in our ability to reach new luxury customers in this market as well as in the UK.”

Introducing WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is a payment service attached to WeChat, the most popular social media app in China, with over 1.31 billion active users*1. WeChat Pay accounts for 38% of all online transactions in China. In addition to China continuing to be Japan’s biggest trading partner, Chinese residents account for the largest number of foreigners residing in Japan, with 786,830*2 holding special permanent resident certificates. The implementation of WeChat Pay into KOMOJU will help Japanese businesses targeting Chinese speakers worldwide. In addition, global merchants who sell products on Shopify, an e-commerce platform that utilizes KOMOJU, can increase their sales from China.

1: Published figures from Tencent Japan
2: Survey conducted by the Immigration and Residency Management Agency in 2020
No. 1: China 786,830 (27.3% of total)
No. 2: South Korea 435,459 (15.1% of total)
No. 3: Vietnam 420,415 (14.3% of the total)

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