Integrating KOMOJU to Shopify

By using KOMOJU, you will be able to add Credit Card, Konbini, Bank Transfer payment, Smartphone Payment etc. In this page, we will explain how

Integrating KOMOJU to Wix

By using KOMOJU, you will be able to add  credit card, konbini, and bank transfer payment to your store. In this page, we will explain

Refund processing (credit card)

If you want to refund via KOMOJU for a transaction that has been settled with a credit card, please follow the procedure below. 【Procedure】 1.

Setting the email notification

By enabling the email notification feature, KOMOJU will send a email notification to your customers’ registered email address. 1. Select Merchant Settings from your KOMOJU

Seven eleven payment

Due to Seven eleven’s regulation, Seven eleven payment is not available to international, and sole proprietorship merchants.

What is Carrier payment?

KOMOJU provides a payment method called “Carrier payment” that can be paid together with the mobile phone charges of “Docomo”, “Softbank” and “au KDDI” . In

What is required for a live application?

Details of service and applicant will need to be submitted through your KOMOJU account. Please prepare all required documents and information. Paper submission is not required.

What is Shopify

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start and manage a business with a simple step.You will be able to create and customize your

What is Smart phone payment?

Smartphone payment is an electronic payment service which can be paid by using QR codes or relevant mobile apps on your smartphone. KOMOJU provides the

What payment methods can I use with KOMOJU on Shopify?

The following payment methods are available.Each payment method requires separate reviews. ・Convenience stores(Konbini)・Bank transfer・Pay-easy・Credit card・Smart phone payments・Electronic Money *Only Japanese Yen payment can be used.

When can I receive my funds?

KOMOJU is available with 2 different payout cycles. Monthly payout: Each end of the month, the transactions from the previous month will be paid.  Weekly

Where is my secret key?

What is a secret key? Your secret can be used by an application or third-party integration to create payments on KOMOJU. Where can I find my

Wix with KOMOJU

KOMOJU provides payment service to Wix platform Available payment methods: Konbini payment, Credit card, Bank transfer, Pay-easy, and Carrier billing. Integrating KOMOJU to Wix is very