KOMOJU has partnered with Shopify, allowing you to easily enable KOMOJU payment methods on your Shopify store.

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Many payment methods accepted

Use KOMOJU to accept global payments on your Shopify store, without additional programming.

No additional

You only pay the regular Shopify fees and payment method fees. We do not charge additional fees for using KOMOJU with Shopify.

Can be used with Shopify Payments

Accept credit cards through Shopify payments and enable KOMOJU to accept many alternative payment methods.

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KOMOJU can be easily enabled on your Shopify store. We provide extensive documentation so that you can get started quickly.

Highest Security

Our Shopify integration is developed with security in mind. All cardholder data is processed on our servers, and fully compliant with PCI-DSS.

Your customers will always have a secure way to complete their payments.

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Shopify Konbini

KOMOJU makes it simple to accept Japanese convenience store payments on your Shopify store.

Simply sign up for KOMOJU and add all major convenience store brands to your checkout.

Sign up flow

Create your Shopify store and have a working storefront.

get komoju account
Apply for a KOMOJU Account
connect komoju
Connect KOMOJU to your Shopify store
You are all set!

Start with

Become a KOMOJU merchant, and accept payments on your site in just a few steps.