How to Refund (Bank transfer/Konbini/Pay-easy)

To refund the payment for “Bank transfer”, “Konbini”, and “Pay-easy”, please follow the below steps.

Please be aware of the following before refunding:

  • There will be a 600 JPY refund fee for each refund for  “Bank transfer”, “Konbini”, and “Pay-easy”.
  • Refund will be made to the customer bank account. Please ask the customer to provide bank information, before applying for refund.


1. Collect the customer bank account information.

(Bank account name (KANA)/ Bank / Branch number / Account type / Bank Account number)

2. From the KOMOJU Dashboard, find the order and select the “Refund” button.

3. Enter the refund amount and the customer bank account information in the “Refund request” form.

*If you would like to refund Customer Fee (¥190), please make sure to mark the check box as above. A refund including the customer fee will be requested.

4. After all the information is entered, click the “Refund” button to process the refund.

5. When the refund is completed, the status in KOMOJU will change to “REFUNDED”.


  • Depending on the request timing, bank holiday, it may take up to 1-2 business days to complete the refund. 
  • Please notify the customer that they will receive a refund from “株式会社KOMOJU(コモジュ)”.

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