What is NET CASH?
Last updated : July 10, 2024

NET CASH: Insights into Streamlining Payments With a Secure Digital Payment Method

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NET CASH, operated by NTT Card Solutions, has been a widely used prepaid electronic money service in Japan. It allows users to make online purchases using a unique 16-character ID, which can be obtained from convenience stores or gift card shops. This service is particularly advantageous for individuals who prefer not to use traditional credit cards or those unable to obtain them.

NET CASH offers flexibility and security in digital transactions, supporting purchases across various sectors, including gaming, digital media, and eCommerce. Users can also earn points with each transaction. KOMOJU is a versatile payment platform integrating various payment methods, including NET CASH. It provides eCommerce stores with seamless payment solutions, allowing them to accept alternative payments efficiently and securely. By integrating NET CASH via KOMOJU, eCommerce stores can cater to a broader customer base in Japan, offering a convenient and trusted payment method for online purchases.

NET CASH is popular for customers and merchants exploring prepaid card options in Japan. This article further explores NET CASH and its benefits as a payment option for your store.

For a comprehensive overview of prepaid cards in Japan, visit KOMOJU’s Prepaid Card Guide.

What is NET CASH?

What is NET CASH?

NET CASH is a prepaid electronic money service provided by NTT Card Solutions, a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), a leading telecommunications company in Japan and the world’s fourth-largest telecommunications company. Launched in 2002 (originally called CALETE), NET CASH enables online shopping using a unique 16-character ID.

These IDs can be purchased at convenience stores (konbini) throughout Japan via a terminal. The terminal issues a ticket with the ID, which users can use for online transactions. This method allows individuals without credit cards or those preferring anonymity to shop online without divulging personal information.

It’s particularly useful for minors under 18 who cannot legally own credit cards but still wish to make digital purchases. In that regard, NET CASH is popularly used for online and mobile in-game purchases, Japan-exclusive social media services like LINE, Nico Town, and WAKU+, digital comic books (manga), and online music and videos. One notable platform that uses NET CASH is Mora, an online music and video store for the Japanese market operated by Sony. NET CASH offers dedicated prepaid cards for Mora purchases.

NET CASH Features

NET CASH offers various features, including:

  • Alternative Payment Option: NET CASH offers an alternative for individuals without access to or those who prefer not to use credit cards. This includes minors under 18 who cannot legally own credit cards but still want to make digital purchases.
  • Discounts: NET CASH credits can be purchased at a discount.
  • Security: NET CASH transactions are secure, providing a safe alternative to credit cards.
  • Versatility: NET CASH can be used for various online services, including gaming, streaming, and e-books.
  • Points Program: Users can earn points using NET CASH for payments and affiliated services, which they can redeem for additional NET CASH.

Discounts, Security, and Points

The primary benefit of NET CASH for users lies in its value. Unlike other digital prepaid services in Japan, NET CASH offers incremental discounts based on the amount purchased. At convenience store terminals, users can buy NET CASH tickets with the following discounts:

  • ¥1,600 (no discount)
  • ¥2,000 for ¥1,990
  • ¥3,000 for ¥2,990
  • ¥5,000 for ¥4,980
  • ¥10,000 for ¥9,950
  • ¥30,000 for ¥29,700 (Lawson exclusive)
  • ¥50,000 for ¥49,500


These discounts are particularly beneficial for users who frequently use NET CASH or make large purchases. By taking advantage of these savings, users can get more value from their spending, making NET CASH an attractive option for digital transactions.

Moreover, as NET CASH is operated by NTT Card Solutions, it benefits from the extensive experience and security infrastructure of the NTT Group. Transactions only require the unique 16-character ID found on the purchased ticket, activated after purchase.

NET CASH also offers a rewards program for customers using the NET CASH Wallet. By charging NET CASH to the wallet and using it for payments, customers can earn points equivalent to 0.5% of the payment amount. Accumulated points can be exchanged for NET CASH. Points can only be earned through payments from the NET CASH Wallet and not by using a regular NET CASH ID. The expiration date for points is one year from the date they were last awarded or exchanged. The accumulated points will expire if no points are earned or exchanged within a year.

Similarly, Japanese point sites such as Warau and ChobiRich enable users to convert accumulated points into NET CASH Wallet credits. For instance, on Warau—a platform with 2.6 million registered users—points, known as “Warau Points,” can be earned through affiliated services, surveys, and games. These points can then be exchanged for NET CASH credits, offering users an alternative way to obtain NET CASH without direct purchase.

How NET CASH Works

There are two types of NET CASH:

  • NET CASH Web Type: Users acquire their NET CASH ID online.
  • NET CASH Sheet Type: Tickets can be purchased at convenience store terminals.


Physical NET CASH ID prepaid cards are available at select retailers, such as Galileo, a retail gift card shop in Japan. However, NET CASH IDs are typically acquired from terminals in convenience stores. These terminals print out a ticket with a unique NET CASH ID, which is then paid for and activated at the convenience store register.

NET CASH IDs can be purchased at:

  • Seven-Eleven
  • Lawson
  • Family Mart
  • Ministop

How to Make a Payment with NET CASH

To make a payment online with NET CASH:

  1. Select Payment Method: At checkout, select “NET CASH” as the payment method.
  2. Enter NET CASH ID: Enter the 16-character NET CASH ID.
  3. Follow Instructions: Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the payment.


Users cannot add funds to an existing NET CASH ID. If the balance on a NET CASH ID is insufficient for payment, they must enter a new NET CASH ID with sufficient funds.

If, at checkout, the balance of a NET CASH ID is insufficient, users should be prompted to enter an additional NET CASH ID. By entering a different (new) NET CASH ID with a balance, they can use up the old NET CASH ID and complete the payment.

Users can check their balance by visiting the NET CASH homepage.

What Is The NET CASH Wallet?

NET CASH also provides the NET CASH Wallet, a free digital wallet service that adds to the convenience of using NET CASH. Users can easily manage, store, and utilize their NET CASH funds by registering as wallet members with only an email address.

Since tickets with NET CASH IDs can be lost, utilizing the NET CASH Wallet is advised. Once an ID is registered with the wallet service, there is no need to worry about losing it. Additionally, the wallet service allows users to manage multiple NET CASH IDs simultaneously.

Once users register their NET CASH ID in the wallet, they can make payments at affiliated stores by selecting “wallet payment” and using their wallet account and password. This eliminates the need to enter the NET CASH ID for each transaction.

Users can review their transaction history, detailing when and where they purchased at affiliated stores and the amounts spent. This feature also lets users track which ID was used for each transaction. Additionally, users can manage NET CASH earned through exclusive store campaigns.

NET CASH Wallet Features

NET CASH Wallet features include:

  • Easy Payment: Register your NET CASH ID in the wallet to make payments using your wallet account and password, avoiding the need to re-enter the NET CASH ID each time.
  • Earn Points: Earn points with each payment by registering your current or newly purchased NET CASH in the wallet. These points can be exchanged for NET CASH.
  • Track Usage: Monitor spending details, including dates, locations, and amounts. View the ID used and manage any NET CASH acquired through affiliated store campaigns.
  • Additional Security: Users can lock and unlock their NET CASH Wallet to prevent unauthorized purchases.
  • Simple Registration: Sign up with just an email address. Whether you’re a new or existing NET CASH user, setting up the NET CASH Wallet is quick and straightforward.

How to Make a Payment with The NET CASH Wallet

  1. Select [NET CASH] as the payment method.
  2. Below the normal NET CASH ID prompt, enter the NET CASH Wallet account name and password, then click the [Login] button.
  3. Review the payment details, and if everything is correct, click the [Confirm] button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process.

Benefits of Using NET CASH for Customers

As an eCommerce store, offering NET CASH as an alternative payment option can benefit your customers. Thus, integrating NET CASH can cater to a broader customer base, offering a convenient, secure, and value-driven payment method. Here’s why:

Safety and Security

NET CASH transactions are secure, providing a safe alternative to credit card payments. Each transaction only requires a unique 16-character ID, minimizing the risk of fraud and unauthorized use. The NET CASH Wallet offers further security with payment locks and ID management.

Ease of Use

NET CASH is straightforward to use. Customers enter their NET CASH ID at checkout without navigating complicated registration processes or remembering multiple passwords.


NET CASH credits are available at discounted rates, giving customers greater value for their purchases. This is especially attractive to frequent buyers and those making larger transactions.

No Personal Information Required

NET CASH transactions do not require customers to provide personal information, offering an added layer of privacy and security. This feature is especially attractive to customers concerned about data privacy.

No Registration or Membership Required

Customers can use NET CASH without the hassle of signing up for an account or paying membership fees. This simplicity encourages more customers to choose your store for their purchases.

Earn Points with NET CASH Wallet

Customers using the NET CASH Wallet can earn points. These points can be redeemed for additional NET CASH, incentivizing repeat purchases. Additionally, customers can use points earned from NET CASH affiliates directly towards their purchases. This benefit integrates seamlessly into your product offerings without any additional impact.

Why eCommerce Merchants Should Consider NET CASH

Moreover, depending on your target audience, integrating NET CASH via KOMOJU as an alternative payment method on your site offers benefits, such as:

Broad Customer Accessibility

Integrating NET CASH through KOMOJU could expand your customer base by offering a prepaid payment option. It appeals to those who prefer simplicity and security, especially in Japan, where privacy is valued. This includes younger demographics and individuals without access to credit cards, such as students and new financial users.

Customer Loyalty

Offering prepaid options like NET CASH bolsters customer loyalty by providing convenient, flexible payment methods that appeal to budget-conscious shoppers. These options often include discounts or promotional incentives, encouraging repeat purchases and increasing customer satisfaction.

Value-Driven Purchases

Customers can purchase NET CASH credits at discounted rates. This feature is attractive to frequent buyers and those making larger transactions, as it maximizes their purchasing power without any negative effects on the merchant.

Integrating NET CASH With Your Online Store

To integrate NET CASH, merchants must apply to become an affiliate store with NTT.

Submit an Application to NTT

Merchant stores must fill out the dedicated application form with the required information and submit it to NTT. Terms of use may vary depending on the product, and each application will undergo review based on its intended purpose. Once approved, NTT will provide logo data, guidelines for using the product name and logo, and distribution templates.

Merchants must then order materials from NTT using the provided order form. Upon receiving the order, NTT will invoice the merchant for associated fees.

After payment confirmation, NTT will deliver the materials in a CSV file. Merchants will receive a download URL for retrieval. For points exchange, an on-demand delivery option via API integration is available. NTT also offers optional services for sending emails on the merchant’s behalf.

Using KOMOJU To Integrate NET CASH

Integrating NET CASH into your eCommerce platform through KOMOJU will simplify your operations and expand your payment options in Japan. KOMOJU manages the application process, including submission through NTT and handling all necessary documents and applications. KOMOJU provides English support, allowing merchants to focus on their core business activities.

Utilize KOMOJU’s platform to integrate NET CASH with other popular Japanese payment methods, such as credit cards and convenience store payments, offering flexibility to your customers.


NET CASH, operated by NTT Card Solutions, is a long-time player in Japan’s prepaid electronic money industry. It allows online purchases with a unique 16-character ID that can be easily purchased from convenience stores without personal information.

Widely used for gaming, digital media, and e-book purchases, NET CASH offers discounted rates and a rewarding points program to incentivize usage. Integrated via KOMOJU, NET CASH provides eCommerce stores in Japan with a secure and efficient alternative payment option, expanding their appeal to a broader customer base.

Ready to integrate BitCash?

Find out NET CASH’s settlement currencies and processing fees on the NET CASH payment method page.  If NET CASH is the right payment method to offer your customers, sign up on KOMOJU to offer your customers a secure and convenient payment option!

If you’re unsure if NET CASH is the right payment method for your eCommerce site, why not talk to our payments expert to learn more about BitCash and other payment methods?


The NET CASH ID consists of 16 numbers and letters, making spoofing difficult. The ID is also encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). However, users should still be vigilant about not sharing or losing their NET CASH ID.

NET CASH is operated by NTT Card Solutions, a subsidiary of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies.

NET CASH is a prepaid electronic money service that requires purchasing credits. There are no fees associated with using NET CASH, and the NET CASH wallet is also free.

NET CASH cannot be exchanged or redeemed for Cash. It is intended for digital transactions and cannot be converted into physical currency.

This article is brought to you by KOMOJU
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